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Friends of Nation Capsuleer Group Formed

2010-05-18 - By Svarthol

Jel, Sinq Laison – On 17.05.112, Planet III in the Jel system was raided by Sansha's Nation supported by a group known as "Friends of Nation."

The fleet from Friends of Nation broadcast Nation leader Master Kuvakei’s message to the capsuleers of New Eden; a message that they say is about equality, protection and guidance.

It is believed that around 110,000 citizens were taken from Jel III. Ghost Hunter, a Friends of Nation representative, had this statement: "I am disappointed more from the planet could not be liberated from their shackles. Capsuleers fight against us for they are ignorant, but they will be shown the truth." Another member said "We [do not] let petty differences divide us, unlike the Minmatar and Amarr at the battle of Kamela."

During other battles, Friends of Nation have generated cynosural fields for Nation capitals, created diversions, attempted to lure capsuleer defence forces into traps and, in low-security space, engaged such forces on the Nation's behalf.

The Nation forces were finally repulsed by the capsuleers who had come to the aid of the planet and no further incursions were reported within the system. Friends of Nation have vowed to give Master Kuvakei whatever support and assistance they can in his continuing campaign against the four empires.

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