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Get 50% off boost bundles

2023-07-20 - By EVE Online Team

Attention Capsuleers,

The time to act is upon us. For a very limited time, an opportunity to supercharge your journey through New Eden awaits. Grab Boost Bundles at a 50% discount, before it’s too late. Use these boosts to train faster and get an abundance of SP to kickstart your EVE Online journey or get ahead with your skill training.

The bundles on offer are:

  • Goal Seeking Bundle (Beginner Boost and Specialist Boost bundles)

  • Grand Plan Bundle (Baseline Boost and Expert Boost bundles)

  • Milestone Bundle (Baseline Boost, Advanced Boost and Expert Boost bundles)

These bundles will allow you to accelerate your skill training and adventure further into the cosmos in record time. Each bundle can be purchased once per account.

Don't wait around - the universe isn't going to conquer itself.

Save Big Now