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Get the Black Friday Boost

2019-11-27 - By CCP Dopamine

Black Friday means great deals, and even 21,000 years in the future, the Capsuleers of New Eden get to take advantage! EVE Online's Black Friday Boosts means free gifts such as Skill Points and Boosters, just for logging in daily between 27 November and 3 December!

The opportunity is there for pilots to massively boost their skill training with hundreds of thousands of Skill Points on offer, as well as Boosters to hike performance, including the highly popular Quafe Zero! The Boosters will include bonuses to armor repair, shields, velocity, turret and missile damage, as well as scan resolution.

Omega pilots will get even better daily gifts, in addition to the Alpha rewards, and you can even claim the Omega gifts retroactively if you upgrade after the event has already started. Pilots should ensure that they log in on all the event days in order to get all the gifts!