Great News For Mac Users – Deprecation Of The CCP-Master Fork Coming Tomorrow, May 14 | EVE Online

Great News For Mac Users – Deprecation Of The CCP-Master Fork Coming Tomorrow, May 14

2019-05-13 - By CCP Falcon

We’re happy to announce that tomorrow we’ll be deprecating the ccp-master fork and will begin using direct upstream Wine versions for the Mac client for EVE Online.

The upstream Wine fork enables us to move forward with the 64-bit client upgrade on all our supported platforms, so that Mac users will not be left behind in the wake of the upcoming transition to a 64-bit EVE client.

On rollout, Mac users will no longer need to run a wrapper to execute a 32-bit client on their native 64-bit operating systems, which will allow the EVE client to make better use of system resources and resolve a number of long standing issues that pilots who are playing on Mac experience.

Using upstream Wine will also improve the speed at which updates will reach our pilots who’re playing on Mac, with a multitude of Mac compatibility improvements becoming available to all Mac users with this single release.

Removing ccp-master keeps the experience of Mac users parallel with other software users in the Mac Wine environment. To this end, control schemes (and specifically some bespoke ccp-master key bindings) will change as described here. The only out-of-client change required will be needing to enable Secondary Click in MacOS mouse settings.

We’re super excited to be able to make this change tomorrow, so that we can make sure all our pilots who play on Mac will be able to reap the benefits of the transition to a 64-bit client at the same time as our pilots who’re playing on PC!

We’ll have more information on the transition to 64-bit in the coming months as we prepare for the switch over!