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Happy Holidays! - Launchers & Snowballs & Trinkets... Oh My!

2015-12-17 - By Team Murder Services

Good afternoon Capsuleers and Seasons Greetings from everyone here at CCP Games!

With Operation Frostline in full swing and the Serpentis Corporation taking a firm beating, we thought we'd continue the holiday cheer and give a little update as to some of the other items that will be making appearances across across New Eden through December and into January 2016.


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Firstly, the always popular stacks of snowballs and festival launchers will return to your hangars this holiday season, along with fireworks of various colors to help you celebrate the arrival of the new year (or distract a hostile pilot with pretty lights and flashing colors long enough to make a daring and heroic escape).

There will be two drops of Snowballs, Fireworks and Festival Launchers over the course of the holiday period. These will occur once for each active EVE Online account on the dates listed, and with the following items being deposited into your account's redeeming system:

December 24th, 2015:

  • 2x Festival Launcher
  • 200x Snowball
  • 1x Women's 'Rocket' Dress (festive)
  • 1x Men's 'Curate' Coat (festive)

December 30th, 2015:

  • 2x Festival Launcher
  • 200x Barium Firework
  • 200x Copper Firework
  • 200x Sodium Firework

If you're new to EVE, or are unsure how to redeem these items in character selection, then feel free to take a look at this article written by our friendly GM Team on the Customer Support Help Center for more information.

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In addition to this, Sodium Fireworks and snowballs have been seeded into the Operation Frostline loot drops as of downtime today, and are also available in the New Eden Store in the following batches, in case pilots would like to pick up even more of them:

  • AUR 50 - 100x Snowball
  • AUR 50 - 100x Barium Firework
  • AUR 50 - 100x Copper Firework
  • AUR 50 - 100x Sodium Firework

Christmas Collectibles!

It's been an interesting year for New Eden and what better way to commemorate it with a set of collectibles trinkets that have a little fun with both player and non-player backstory.

On December 24th, each active EVE Online account will also receive a set of 20 collectible special edition commodities that poke a little fun at some of the adventures and mishaps that have occured over the course of the last year. These will also appear in your redeeming system on character selection.

And Finally...

Come join us at the Annual Luminaire Snowball fight, hosted by Commander A9 on December 20th at 21:00 EVE Time, where there'll be a few CCPers ready to have some fun with snowballs and fireworks. You can find out more about the snowball fight, the light shows and the planned secret Santa event by heading on over to this forum thread.

There'll be more information next week on additional Holiday offers, as well as another blog from Team Murder Services. Until then, we've got pirates to hunt down...


  • Team Murder Services