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Heartsurge SKINs return to NES

2021-02-11 - By CCP Fleebix

The striking Heartsurge SKIN returns to EVE Online's New Eden Store for a limited time only, until 11:00 UTC on 23 February!

Furthermore, you can get the Jackdaw Heartsurge SKIN free when you purchase 30 days of Omega from the NES until 11:00 UTC on 15 February. In addition, the Heartsurge SKIN for the Svipul comes free when you purchase 500 PLEX from the EVE Store.

For all other hulls in this line, the Heartsurge SKIN is being sold individually (or in bundles with 10% off) in the NES, so show your fleet some love and grab it for the following ships:

  • Confessor
  • Cynabal
  • Daredevil
  • Dramiel
  • Eagle
  • Hecate
  • Ishtar
  • Machariel
  • Vagabond
  • Vigilant
  • Vindicator
  • Zealot