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Heirs back Sarum, highlight obstacles

2008-06-13 - By Svarthol

Ardishapur Prime - On behalf of himself and the other three remaining Heirs, Yonis Ardishapur today released a short statement declaring their support for Jamyl Sarum's immediate accession to the Imperial Throne. The text of the statement follows:

"On behalf of Yonis Ardishapur, Uriam Kador, Articio Kor-Azor and Catiz Tash-Murkon, we, the anointed Heirs of the Great Houses of the Empire, do hereby jointly and individually name and nominate Jamyl Sarum as our preferred heir to the Imperial Throne and pledge our undying fealty to her and her holy cause. In doing so we each waive our right to stand for Succession by Trial or other means.

"We commit to abiding by the judgement of the Honored Authorities in the matter of the Succession of Doriam II and petition them to discount our candidacy. In withdrawing ourselves in this way we indicate that we shall lend our Empress whatever support she may need and require of us in times to come, and that we will not directly intercede further in the Succession on behalf of ourselves or any other considered candidate. This does not remove or void the necessity of the selection of a new Chamberlain to officiate after the apparent abdication of Chamberlain Karsoth, or for the revered members of the Theology Council to validate Jamyl Sarum's legitimacy as a candidate."