Improvements and Bug Fixes | EVE Online

Improvements and Bug Fixes

2004-02-09 - By CCP CAPSLOCK

New Features, Bug Fixes and Improvements

New Features

  • Conquerable stations are in.
  • Anchorable warp disruptors are in.

Game Design

  • Cap Booster blueprints 50, 75 and 100 had incorrect names, they now indicate the type that they manufacture.
  • Blueprints for small Nosferatu and energy transfer array now have the name of the item they manufacture.
  • Fixed blueprint names for Tachyon Beam Laser, 800mm Repeating Artillery, Dual 650mm Repeating Artillery, Infiltrator Drone and Reinforced Plates.
  • The tutorial missions have been updated a bit textwise.


  • Raised the time limit on all missions to 24 hours. The briefings have also been edited to take this into account, where needed.
  • The mission, Damsel in Distress, has its most difficult encounter removed. It was deemed too hard for a level 3 mission.
  • Mission Details window scrollbar is back.
  • Journal entries for agent mission rewards were sometimes mislabeled "agent mission time bonus reward".


  • You can no longer undock or warp if you have managed to overload your ship's cargo hold or drone bay. Also added more detail to the warnings in this case. Rounding errors causing false alarms has been fixed too.
  • Fixed the bug where your characters attributes changed after switching ships.
  • Added the type of your ship to the email CONCORD sends out when your ship is destroyed in combat.
  • When you log out, your ship's current movement should be stopped and it should not sometimes end up in unexpected places.
  • Copying TL2 BP now takes the correct longer amount of time.
  • Fixed "select all" in hangars
  • Fixed dragging of multiselected items

In Flight

  • Fixed gang warp exploit. Sometimes you were able to gang warp a pilot that was not in gang.
  • Target lock icon of an object in space shows the correct damage state now. Rather than only showing the correct state the next time damage was done to the object.
  • Fixed the targeting problem where the first target lock would sometimes have to complete before the following ones could happen.
  • Fixed the bug where you enter space and warp before you uncloak causing your ship to never become visible on your client.
  • Passive targeter works again. You have to click on the icon of the targeter and then select the ship to target in the autoscanner to use it
  • Fixed exploit where you could warp to distant drones even though you can't warp to the ship who launched them.
  • You can scoop non-secure cargo containers again.
  • Fixed renaming of secure containers in space.


  • Bookmarks can now be dragged into the cargo holds of ships again.
  • Fixed folder handling of buddies, agents and bookmarks. Note: The All folder of agents and buddies is special and always contains all entries. Deleting an entry from this folder deletes it from all others too.
  • Fixed Corp => Show Info => Standings. It shows target corp's standings again
  • Accounts->Assets->Jobs: Research and Factory jobs are displayed under the station listings again.


  • Fixed the log window error where object names in combat messages would show as the id numbers. It shows a more understandable description now.