Improvements and Bug Fixes | EVE Online

Improvements and Bug Fixes

2004-03-03 - By CCP CAPSLOCK

New Features, Bug Fixes and Improvements

Combat / Modules

  • Area of effect damage caused by missiles has been removed to lessen both server lag and to increase the ability for combat without fear of causing damage to objects that players do not want to damage.
  • Volume of all large sized turrets has been reduced from 50 to 20 (425mm Railgun I was size 4 and increased to 20).
  • Missiles no longer cause splash damage, but torpedoes do.
  • Pirates should now cover the asteroids in hidden belts.
  • NPCs now sometimes drop Ships logs giving directions to scenarios.
  • Many optimizations to reduce combat lag have been introduced.
  • Volume of Armor Steel Plates has been reduced to: volume 5 for 50 and 100, volume 10 for 200 and 400 and volume 20 for 800 and 1600.
  • X-large Shield Boosters have been increased in requirement to level 3 Shield Operation and Large Shield Boosters have been increased to level 2 Shield Operation.
  • Large Armor Repairers have had the Mechanic Skill requirement reduced to level 3, Medium Armor Repairers have been reduced to level 2.
  • Damage leaking through armor has been altered so the hull does not start sustaining damage until armor is 25% of maximum hitpoints.
  • Damage will no longer leak through the hull to modules, this was preventing a ship's destruction when modules were at 0 health.
  • Capacitor capacity bonus has been added to the Apocalypse ship bonuses description.
  • CPU usage for Medium and Large Armor Repairers have been reduced.
  • Armor Platings have received an overall reduction in CPU need, Power need and velocity penalty.
  • Shield Extenders have received an increase in maximum Shield Hitpoints and a reduction in Power need for fitting. Large Shield Extender volume was also reduced from 50 to 20.
  • Various weapon upgrades modules have been altered, mostly with a reduction in CPU usage. Some Gyrostabilizers now have a reduced Rate Of Fire bonus to balance different turret groups.
  • Capacitor usage for 150mm, 125mm, 250mm and 425mm Railguns have been reduced.
  • Power Needed by the Ion Blaster Cannon has been reduced.
  • Some Projectile Ammo, Hybrid Ammo and Frequency Crystals have had a reduction in capacitor usage than the turret indicates by base. This was changed to balance the usage of mid-range ammo from highest damage to longest range.
  • Medium Smartbomb II and Medium Capacitor Battery II now have correct statistics.
  • Named Energy Vampire modules have been fixed in the amount of energy they drain from targets. They had the same values as the base module.
  • Arch Angel loot table has been fixed, they will now drop correctly.
  • There should be a decrease in client lag when shooting at stations. Expect more improvements in the future.

In Station

  • The following Tech 1 Blueprints have been added to the market: Signal Amplifier, Medium Shield Booster, Hull Repairers, Shield and Energy Transporters, Remote Sensor Dampener, Cap Recharger, Armor Resistance Platings, and Large Capacitor Battery.
  • All missile types currently available have had their manufacturing time reduced to two minutes.
  • Insurance contracts are now 12 weeks.
  • If you lose a ship and are not insured, you now get an default insurance payout of 40% of the mineral value.
  • ECCM Blueprints and Remote Sensor Booster are now in correct market groups.
  • Fixed an exploit (involving conquerable stations).
  • Multiple selection of items not moving after being dropped between corp hangar tabs have been fixed.
  • Fixed the bug caused by clicking "cancel" while entering a password for a secure container. Unknown Error message was displayed to the user.
  • A fix for the "autoscroll to bottom" bug has been made.
  • Stations are now sorted in add Escrow and Missions.
  • Maximum escrow mission length is now 7 days.
  • Changed the display of blueprint information in escrows.

In Flight

  • Fixed coloring of brackets. The current implementations is: order: Gang > Corp Member > War > Corp Standing > Player Standing > Outlaw offsets:
    white neutral
    blue > +5 standing
    yellow < -5 standing
    orange in war can fight
    green in same corp
    red < -5 security status
    purple gangmember
  • ArmorHardening effect added
  • Fixed updating of secure cargo container inside the cargohold of ships.
  • The map shows number of jumps made during the last hour again.
  • Being the sole member of a gang no longer gives you the benefit of your gang related skills. Only gangs with two or more members derive these benefits.


  • A few text errors have been fixed.
  • Certain level 2 agents should not be confused about the player’s gender anymore.
  • A certain battleship pirate in a level 3 mission has been removed. Expect to see him in level 4 missions.
  • The mission "Transfer the Evidence" will now give the appropriate Concord faction standing (not security status). This mission’s frequency has decreased.
  • Jumps have been changed to make the route to the first referal agent shorter. Players are given a referal agent at the end of the mission tutorials.
  • The accept confirmation dialogue which pops up when you try to accept a mission in a capsule has been fixed.
  • High sec agents won't send you to low sec areas, specifically an agent cannot send you deeper into pirate space than current sec status - 0.25.
  • When fighting an NPC mission pirate, you should now get the proper security status gains.


  • A number of new scenarios of varying difficulty have been added.
  • Charsheet icon highlighting has been fixed.
  • Messagenotfound when clicking on cancel when trying to open secure container in space has been replaced by an appropriate message.
  • Tech1 125mm Railgun no longer displays tech2 skill requirements.
  • Shortcuts resetting after a client restart has been fixed.
  • The bracket for warp disruptors has been fixed.
  • Error when player uncloaks has been fixed.
  • Warp disruptor unanchoring causing error has been fixed.