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Insurgencies Intensify - Havoc Update

2024-01-16 - By EVE Online Team

Ambitious capsuleers,

The Havoc expansion for EVE Online was introduced last November, and has been a big hit with capsuleers, introducing the chance to align with pirates or fight against them, in a gripping struggle between suppression and corruption. Nothing is static in New Eden, including Havoc, and the first update of the new year is now live, bringing adjustments to Pirate Insurgencies, graphical updates, certain NPCs respecting pirate alignment, and more.

Modify your ambitions

Among the things announced on stage at Fanfest 2023, when the Havoc expansion was revealed, was the inclusion of an Ambition Modifier, which adjusts the number of points needed to win an Insurgency. The Ambition Modifier has now been implemented in Havoc, and it will affect the side that regularly wins Insurgencies by requiring more system wins for subsequent victories. In effect, this means that the more victorious one side is, the more it will take to keep the winning streak going. This will make the struggle between suppression and corruption more balanced, the fight more gripping, and the achievement of victory all the sweeter.

Capsuleers now have improved oversight when it comes to the status of systems, as a filter can be applied to the new and classic star maps to view corruption and suppression in Insurgency systems. Additionally, the pirate FOB in the main Insurgency system now visually displays the level of corruption or suppression, as well as the current Ambition Modifier level, making it a lot easier to see the system’s status at a glance. Also, stargates and selected stations in corrupted systems now fly pirate banners, giving a better feel for pirate-affected space by setting the tone immediately upon entry. All of this combines to bring added quality of life to pilots involved in the struggle between pirates and militias, help capsuleers strategize more effectively, and add to the immersion in affected systems.

Honor among thieves

Since the introduction of Havoc, countless capsuleers have seized the opportunity to align with the Angel Cartel or the Guristas to bring corruption to various systems around New Eden. Impressed with the performance of capsuleer insurgents, Esri Hakuzosu of the Guristas Pirates has issued new orders to roaming patrols in the system of H-PA29 - they will now no longer fire upon those capsuleers enlisted with the Commado Guri. Rafik Zohar has relayed similar orders to Angel Cartel forces in G-0Q86 and Turnur, such that roaming patrols will not attack those who have pledged their support to the Malakim Zealots.

The chaos continues

It has been a wild time in New Eden, and the Havoc continues. Capsuleers keep spreading chaos throughout the cluster, altering the shape of space. Omega players will get another chance to try out an early version of EVE Vanguard on 25-29 January, and every month for the first half of the year. Also, if you act quickly, you can get your hands on value-filled EVE Online Starter Packs in the EVE Store for up to 50% off – but only until midnight tonight! More updates are coming to EVE Online, fun-filled events throughout the year, and much more, so stay tuned.