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Havoc updates, Vanguard news

2023-11-21 - By EVE Online team

Chaos-bringing capsuleers, 

The Havoc expansion went live seven days ago, and what a week it’s been! Already we’ve seen pirate activity, corruption spreading through various systems, and epic showdowns between insurgents and empire militias. Updates have already been made to the expansion, and it is time to start getting ready for EVE Vanguard, the upcoming FPS module for EVE Online. 


It's time to get ready for boots on the ground. On 7 December, the First Strike event will give you the chance to play EVE Vanguard, a dynamic and evolving FPS experience for PC. Through EVE Vanguard, players will be able to directly impact EVE Online through frontline corruption, fueling the war machine of New Eden. This event runs from 7-11 December, and is a part of the Founders’ Access program, which is only available to Omega players.

Vanguard will be connected to EVE Online from day one, and the actions you take in First Strike and beyond will contribute to corruption in New Eden in specific systems affected by Pirate Insurgencies. The First Strike event will be accessible from the EVE launcher. 

EVE Vanguard is being developed in conjunction with the community and the feedback you provide will help to create a truly authentic FPS experience set in the EVE universe. It is very exciting to be able to put Vanguard in your hands, and receive vital feedback that will help shape the experience being created. Now is the time for anyone interested in trying out an FPS experience within EVE Online to jump in and add to the chaos and corruption across New Eden. 

Keep in mind that EVE Vanguard has different technical requirements than EVE Online, and you can find out more about that on the sign-up page

Aside from EVE Vanguard First Strike, there is plenty of other great Havoc content coming with today’s update and beyond.  


Nothing in New Eden is static, and Havoc has already seen the first updates, with many more planned in the coming weeks and months. On the first day of Havoc, among the items that saw updates were the balance of Loyalty Point rewards, Quality of Life improvements for Corporation Projects, Pirate Insurgencies were added to the AIR Opportunities window for greater discoverability, and several other updates.  

Today, the day seven update goes live, and with it the continuation of EverMarks donations. In addition, enhancements have been made to the UI, dynamic music for corruption and suppression has been implemented, updates have been made to audio and visual effects, and web and scramble range corruption effects have seen improvements.  


Thanks to strong and relentless lobbying from Alexander Ducasse, President of Evermore, the SCC has relented and passed exemptions on the trading of EverMarks between corporations. This comes as a major victory for EverMore, after all transfers of corporate scrips by secondary parties, including Loyalty Points and EverMarks, had been suspended pending an investigation into criminal activity involving said scrips. The trading and donations of EverMarks can now resume as normal in New Eden. 

Speaking of lobbying, the Caldari State have also successfully petitioned the CONCORD Assembly, convincing them to upgrade the connection between the Athounon and Samanuni star systems to a standard route. This decision makes the connection between the Samanuni star system and Athounon permanent, which the Caldari State had previously secured. 


The Pirate Insurgencies are just revving up, and there is plenty more action on the way, along with added glory and ever more wealth on the line. The ever-festive Winter Nexus event will be making its return on 5 December, bringing with it Volatile Ice Storms, wintry challenges, and seasonal rewards. The next update for Havoc goes live on 7 December, and will include AIR Daily Goals, plus an exciting large fleet-oriented site that will spawn in Insurgency systems at corruption or suppression stage 3 or higher! 

Before you know it, you will have a chance to get boots on the ground in EVE Vanguard First Strike, giving you brand new ways to wreak Havoc in the cluster, so it’s safe to say that the corruption is just getting started. Stay tuned for even more updates to enhance your fight for or against corruption, and we will see you in New Eden. 


Warp to the frontlines