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Havoc update: Set goals, pull off heists

2023-12-12 - By EVE Online Team

Formidable capsuleers,

New Eden is in turmoil, thanks to Havoc being wrought by pirate insurgents and empire militia fighting to suppress corruption. A brand new update to EVE Online’s Havoc expansion only adds to the chaos by introducing an exciting Ice Refinery Heist activity and AIR Daily Goals.


Recently, fearless mercenaries went boots-on-the-ground in the EVE Vanguard First Strike event, which gave Omega players the opportunity to jump into the new multiplayer sandbox FPS module for EVE Online. As Vanguard, players fuel the war machine, adding corruption to the frontlines, delivering vital resources to the EVE economy, and completing contracts that turn the tide of battle. The First Strike event was a massive success with the Vanguard adding to the corruption on the frontlines by completing contracts for the Angel Cartel and Guristas, pulling out materials and data of interest from the Bowhead wreckage. This event not only gave players the chance to experience the action of EVE Vanguard, but also provided valuable feedback to aid in the creation of an authentic FPS experience within the EVE Universe. We extend our thanks to everyone who participated, and look forward to the next Vanguard event, coming in January.


As Pirate Insurgencies crop up in more systems around the cluster, new opportunities for illegal pirate activity and wealth accumulation are appearing in the war zones of New Eden. As of today, large fleet-oriented sites will start spawning in Insurgency systems at corruption or suppression stages 3-4. These Ice Refinery Heists include a new resource-movement interaction, allowing pirate-aligned capsuleers to raid the refineries, fight off security, and earn rewards. In turn, faction-aligned pilots can defend the sites by fighting off the attackers and evacuating the tankers to their home base. Groups will receive a point for each tanker ship they guide back to their home base. The first side to retrieve enough tankers wins Loyalty Points and standings rewards, with points subsequently added to corruption or suppression in the system, depending on where their loyalties lie.


If all this action isn’t enough, capsuleers now have even more activities to take on in New Eden, with the introduction of AIR Daily Goals, an upgrade to daily challenges. Every day, pilots are presented with four challenges, and they get the main daily reward of Skill Points by completing two of them, but also earn EverMarks and ISK for each of the goals completed. The challenges are varied and suited to different proficiencies, be it PvE or PvP combat, industry, or exploration.

Capsuleers now have ample opportunity to further their goals every day, whether that is to rack up their Skill Points, amass ISK and EverMarks, honing their skills in different proficiencies, or trying their hand at new activities to experience all that New Eden has to offer. The new challenges add more variety and accessibility and allow you to chart your own path and pursue the right goals for your journey. Tracking your progress is a breeze, as the AIR Daily Goals live in the AIR Opportunities window, giving you easy access to most of your activities in one place.

Every capsuleer gets the same set of daily goals on a given day, which provides an opportunity to fleet up to complete the goals together and makes it easier to complete them with your alternate characters.


The fun doesn’t stop there, because Winter Nexus has arrived, bringing with it spectacular rewards every single day. Among the treats on offer are festive new SKINs, fireworks, and filaments, as well as 125,000 SP for Alphas and 525,000 SP for Omegas, who can also claim the Alpha rewards for a whopping 650,000 SP! Even if you’re late to the party, there’s still time to claim the biggest prize of all, a massive SP cache on day 23. Just think of the possibilities. Will you spend your Skill Points on flying your dream ship or furthering your illustrious career?

The new SKINs are from the Aurora Universalis line and will include stunning styles for a frigate, destroyer, cruiser, and carrier for each empire, in addition to a skin for the Nestor, Kikimora, Barghest, and more. Warp into Winter Nexus today, so you don’t miss out on any of the great gifts!


The Havoc expansion introduced several new ships to New Eden, and for a limited time, you can get a great deal on stunning Luminae Polaris SKINs for some of these new vessels with the Winter Festival Pack in the EVE Store. The Winter Festival Pack also contains 23 days Omega time, 400 PLEX, festival launcher, Rimefrost Starburst firework, and one MCT.

The New Eden Store is also in a festive mood, offering a 30% discount on the stunning Luminae Polaris SKIN line from last year’s Winter Nexus celebrations. Get your Blood Raider, Mordu’s Legion, and Sansha ships looking amazing in time for the Yoiul Festival, ensuring you look your best this winter.

This offer is only valid until 25 December, so don’t delay!


The treats don’t stop there! Throughout the Winter Nexus celebrations, between 5 December and 4 January, pilots that make any purchase at the EVE Merch Store will get four free SKINs from the beautiful Luminae Polaris line.

Each Luminae Polaris SKIN radiates cool greens and icy blues, offering your hulls a perfect look for the festive season. Now is the time to head to the EVE Merch Store, whether you want to pick up some new swag from the “Hot Drops Collection” or pick up a festive gift for yourself or another EVE pilot from the “Winter Collection”.


Tickets to Fanfest 2025 have been selling like hotcakes, which comes as no surprise as capsuleers are social creatures and love hanging out in person. Not to worry, though, there are still some Early Bird Pioneer Passes available, a perfect holiday present for a loved one, or a treat for yourself! Make sure you don’t delay, as the festival is expected to sell out, much like this year’s Fanfest.


Capsuleers have embraced the latest opportunities for Havoc and brought massive action and chaos to New Eden. Rarely has there been a more exciting time to warp to New Eden, and more opportunities to wreak Havoc.

See you in space!