Winter Nexus is here! | EVE Online

Winter Nexus is here!

2023-12-05 - By EVE Online Team

Festive capsuleers,

Today marks the beginning of the Winter Nexus, and what a party it will be! Multiple snowstorms have started to travel around New Eden, creating a winter wonderland filled with festive Yoiul challenges and sensational rewards. The event runs until 4 January, and it pays to get started right away, as there are amazing daily rewards to be claimed!


Head to the heart of the stormy systems to find stunning winter environments filled with fun activities and challenges, including Sansha combat and exploration hacking sites, as well as a special Yoiul resource site. Tackle these sites in highsec, lowsec, or nullsec systems for amazing rewards in the form of SKINs and lucrative loot drops. Additionally, you can take on seasonal agency challenges, with a magnificent reward track, to further add to your riches.


Winter Nexus brings with it spectacular rewards every single day, so make sure you don’t miss out. Among the treats on offer are festive new SKINs, fireworks, and filaments, as well as 125,000 SP for Alphas and 525,000 SP for Omegas, who can also claim the Alpha rewards for a grand total of 650,000 SP! Just think of the possibilities of that big chunk of SP. Will you spend them on flying your dream ship or furthering your illustrious career? Will you be the first to fly the brand new Angel Titan?

The new SKINs are from the Aurora Universalis line and will include stunning styles for a frigate, destroyer, cruiser, and carrier for each empire, in addition to a skin for the Nestor, Kikimora, Barghest, and more. Don’t sleep on Winter Nexus, as you would be missing out on great gifts!


Throughout the Winter Nexus celebrations, between 5 December and 4 January, pilots that make any purchase at the EVE Merch Store will get four free SKINs from the beautiful Luminae Polaris line:

  • Nightmare Luminae Polaris SKIN

  • Barghest Luminae Polaris SKIN

  • Orthrus Luminae Polaris SKIN

  • Phantasm Luminae Polaris SKIN

Each Luminae Polaris SKIN radiates cool greens and icy blues, offering your hulls a perfect look for the festive season. Now is the time to head to the EVE Merch Store, whether you want to pick up some new swag from the ‘Hot Drops Collection’ or pick up a festive gift for another EVE pilot from the ‘Winter Collection’.


There’s no time like the present to start your Yoiul celebrations, capsuleer, so don’t delay. Jump into Winter Nexus today so you don’t miss out on any of the fantastic rewards on offer. Also, keep tuned into CCP TV for wonderful Twitch drops throughout the event.

See you in the snow!