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Intense Fighting in R6XN-9

2011-04-02 - By Svarthol

R6XN-9, Pure Blind - Forces from the Northern Coalition [NC] and the allied Deklein Coalition clashed with the Northern Coalition. [NCDOT] and Merciless. alliances in R6XN-9 on the 30th of last month.

The Northern Coalition formed three fleets to defend several control towers that had been put into reinforced mode by NCDOT, with NCDOT fielding a heavily-plated Abbadon-focused fleet.

NCDOT's commander, Vince Draken, relied on a system of warp disruptor bubbles and timing to slow Northern Coalition reinforcements and divide their fleets.

While the NC fleet received reinforcements throughout the fight, NCDOT forces reshipped repeatedly, maintaining a solid presence on the field, and eventually managed to destroy a Technetium-mining tower that had exited reinforced mode in culmination of a battle that lasted more than two hours.

According to one NC informant, their fleet became embroiled in two seperate, simultaneous engagements in the system. He described the situation as chaotic at that point and stated that, in his view, they had no clear orders. Official representatives of the Northern Coalition, however, were contacted but declined to comment.

Fighting has continued in R6XN-9 over the last two days, with NCDOT control towers coming under assault in Northern Coalition counter-attacks.

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