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InterBus Launch PSA Series

2021-12-24 - By EVE Online Team

The InterBus Corporation developed a series of seasonally themed public safety announcements to help keep space-farers safe while undertaking interstellar travel last holiday season, and have done so again this year. Last year’s PSA campaign was so innovative and so well received by critics that it had already won awards from more than one government agency before the first public broadcasts had even started.

The PSAs from the series are based on old spacer tales and superstitions about clone blanks coming to life and creating mayhem aboard ship.

The intentionally humorous safety displays issued by The InterBus warn against hazards, carelessness, and waste.

The Yoiul Clones you’ll see featured are as follows:

  • Livestock-Liberator - The grotesque, electro-prod-limbed Livestock-Liberator Clone warns of the risks of rampaging livestock such as genetically-modified cattle or cybernetic slaver hounds getting loose.

  • Fuel-Stealer - The bizarre, fuel-siphon-nosed Fuel-Stealer Clone warns of the waste that can be caused by poor fuel economy or failure to properly secure tanks and fuel systems.

  • Radiation-Rogue - The eery, glowing Radiation-Rogue Clone warns of deadly risks if radiation sources are not made absolutely secure or are tampered with during flight.

  • Tool-Swiper - The weird, multi-tool-fingered Tool-Swiper Clone warns crew to be careful with their tools and always return them to the proper stowage or lockers.

  • Recycler-Raider - The crazed, garbage-covered Recycler-Raider Clone warns passengers and crew to place all garbage in recyclers and properly secure the shipboard waste-management systems.

  • Water-Sucker - The strange, pump-mouthed Water-Sucker Clone warns all aboard ship to take special care with precious water and ensure seals on H2O storage are maintained properly.

  • Airlock-Slammer - The demented, claw-handed Airlock-Slammer Clone warns all crew and passengers to double-check that airlocks are secure and monitors are green after passing through.

  • Ectoplasm-Skimmer - The weirdly-mutated Ectoplasm-Skimmer Clone exhorts crew to maintain biohazard seals and properly secure feeds and lines carrying biomatter, such as waste ectoplasm and fresh hydrostatic capsule fluid.

  • Ration-Grabber - The bloated, greedy Ration-Grabber Clone warns passengers to be careful with their meal rations and always dispose of left-over food properly when finished eating.

  • Scanner-Jacker - The strange, sensor-eyed Scanner-Jacker Clone warns crew of the serious hazards to navigation and ship safety posed by damaged or improperly calibrated scanning and sensor equipment.

  • Data-Sniffer - The grotesqe, dataprobe-nosed Data-Sniffer Clone warns crew and passengers to exercise extreme caution when downloading data to ship's systems from unsecured sources on the GalNet or other public networks.

  • Freezer-Thief - The sinister, hook-handed Freezer-Thief Clone warns passengers to steer clear of cold zones and crew to secure freezer bays carefully against intrusion and accidents.

  • Power-Drainer - The bizarre, plug-handed Power-Drainer Clone warns crew and passengers alike to turn off lights and displays not in use, and always use low power mode when active systems are not vital to ongoing ship operations.