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Introducing Print on-Demand Merch!

2021-11-01 - By EVE Online Team

Fabulous Capsuleers,

We are happy to announce the launch of print-on-demand merchandise for EVE, bringing you all better access to all sorts of fantastic gear as we pave the road toward a much broader variety of available designs and goods!

Kicking things off, we will be offering T-shirts of various fits, zip-up hoodies, and water bottles, ready to be emblazoned with a variety of empire and pirate faction designs, as well as certain ship collections and other classic designs.

In addition, we are releasing a line of Blood Raider designs inspired by their yearly cluster-wide festival, the Crimson Harvest!

We will also be opening a special EU-centric print-on-demand store section on the merch site, providing the same awesome apparel at significantly better shipping rates.

The main store will still be available worldwide, as it is not region-restricted.

This is only the beginning – look forward to an expansion of offerings and designs as we enter a new and more accessible era of EVE Online style!