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Known terrorist captured

2005-05-22 - By Svarthol

Last night, a small scale operation conducted by Caldari Navy Special Forces led to the capture of Bleak Scarab, a terrorist with known connections to the Guristas pirates. During the past years Bleak Scarab, whose real name is Yaila Heeth, has gained access to classified information, while working undercover as a Caldari Navy Courier. The information she has gathered was supposedly to be used in acts of terrorism on assets of the Caldari State.

Her arrest was made possible by an anonymous informant whose lead pointed the Caldari Navy in her direction. Miss Heeth was caught manipulating several jump gates in the Lonetrek region, confirming suspicions of espionage. Following her capture, where the Caldari Navy Forces were met with little resistance, Miss Heath was questioned and moved to a secure location pending her prosecution.