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Last Minute Annaro Mine Rescue Operation Successful, Survivors Recovered

2010-01-05 - By Svarthol

Annaro - A dangerous rescue operation aimed at recovering 176 Caldari miners trapped in an asteroid proved successful last night . The rescue was performed by an Amarr team from Ducia Foundry experienced on unstable asteroids.

Reports indicate that the miners themselves were not informed of the attempt and spent the evening writing final letters to their loved ones. One miner told reporters, "When I heard they were drilling just a few meters away, my first thought was that we were hallucinating from the lack of oxygen." The surprise rescue operation was executed, though, for reasons that remain unclear, only a select few knew about the operation. Their secrecy has aroused suspicions that Ducia Foundry was allowed to covertly transport and deploy its slave workers to the asteroid mine.

In a brief statement, Ducia Foundry's Steen Greimala said, "The operation went as smoothly as ever. Every member of my team performed admirably, and we were more than helped by the Deep Core Mining experts, who analyzed every aspect of the asteroid. I never had a point where I was seriously concerned."

CBD Corporation released a statement saying, "We welcome the successful rescue of our miners and thank Deep Core Mining and Ducia Foundry for their help." CBD would not comment on the safety procedures they had employed during the mining operation. Police commander Garr Diymir was not available for comment.

Caldari law expert Dimm Margo remarked, "I think it's obvious what's happened. They managed to sneak the slaves in and get the job done, but there will need to be legal accounting sooner or later. Luckily for them, they were successful."