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Lunatic recruiter captured.

2005-11-11 - By Svarthol

ALENIA. An escaped inmate from a mental institution was captured by CONCORD while he was recruiting pod-pilots as a custom officer.

With ad-hoc help from local pilots, CONCORD Commander Plavers and Lieutenant Temasi managed to capture an escaped inmate from the Telho-Metremly Sanctuary mental institution. The fugitive, ex-Caldari Navy officer Mikael Kord, offered little resistance and was handed over to the Sanctuary agents to be returned to the institution.

Apparently believing he was a custom officer, Mr. Kord was recruiting pod-pilots in the region, letting them take a few tests and even showing them a few examples.

Witnesses declared that Mr. Kord was acting "as normally as can be expected" from a customer officer, and since it isn't strange for pod-pilots to receive freelance contract offers through the FTL communication channels no one suspected he was insane until CONCORD officials arrrived with a capture order. Cmdr Plavers managed to take control of Mr. Kord navigation systems ending the incident without further disruption among the local population.

According to his CalNav record, former hot-shot Mr. Kord has retired from duty and brought into psychiatric care after suffering a nano-fracture in his pod during a routine patrol. Somehow the breach affected his left hemisphere synaptic pathways, later altering his neural patterns and leaving him unable to differentiate reality from his imagination.

It's not clear how Mr. Kord managed to escape from the institution, and rumors abound that he was not alone. "As far as CONCORD is concerned, only one inmate from Telho-Metremly Sanctuary was reported missing," said Cmdr Plavers. "How Mr. Kord managed to get out is none of CONCORD business."

Telho-Metremly Sanctuary authorities were not available for comment.