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Malkalen Economic Summit Announced by Gariushi, Foiritan

2008-05-14 - By Svarthol

Malkalen– In a clear sign of a national effort to reduce racial tensions, Ishukone Corporation CEO Otro Gariushi released a joint statement with Federation President Souro Foiritan announcing the commencement of an economic summit to be held tomorrow at the mega-corporation’s headquarters in Malkalen. The show of solidarity follows an intense period of ethnic strife between the two nations and an appeal for calm from both leaders, especially in the volatile cities of Caldari Prime.

"This proposal is about hope and reconciliation," President Foiritan stated. "Our goal is to address real economic concerns as a means to promote healing between our nations."

The urgency of the summit and quick turnaround on arrangements reflects the severity of the crisis. In recent days, the death toll from rioting throughout both nations has soared, as expatriates have become targets for hate crimes. Economic distress, particularly in the Caldari State, has served as a catalyst in the heating of racial tensions. Without providing specific details, the Ishukone CEO spoke enthusiastically about the proposal. "Clearly, President Foiritan is serious about improving ties between our nations," he said. "Economic cooperation forms the core of our relationship, and this proposal is beneficial to us both. I’m truly looking forward to meeting their delegation, and I know that the spirit of this summit appeals to all Caldari."

Presenting the economic proposal on behalf of President Foiritan will be Federation Economic Minister Wadis Chene, who helped architect the spectacular growth of the Federation for the last five years. Admiral Alexander Noir, the popular recipient of the Aidonis award, will be delivering the Federation Delegation to Ishukone headquarters tomorrow.

Violence has decreased in both nations since Otro Gariushi’s national address, in which he denounced Tibus Heth and pleaded for an end to racial tensions. "Our relationship should have never deteriorated to this point," Gariushi stated. "We’re all better served through positive relations with our neighbors. As President Foiritan says, we will use tomorrow’s historic summit as an opportunity to heal, and to dismiss the ideology of hate once and for all."