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New Eden Store - In Rust We Trust SKINs Now Available!

2019-05-28 - By CCP Falcon

Have you ever wanted your ship to look like actual, genuine space garbage? Tired of your ship being shiny and looking like it's ready for flight?

Looking for something that says "I haven't serviced this thing in years"?

Well, have we got the SKIN line for you!

We're happy to announce that the "In Rust We Trust" SKIN line is now available in the New Eden store for a selection of 12 Minmatar hulls.

PLEX prices are as follows:

  • Jaguar – 250 PLEX
  • Wolf – 250 PLEX
  • Sabre – 250 PLEX
  • Svipul – 250 PLEX
  • Muninn – 250 PLEX
  • Loki – 250 PLEX
  • Hurricane – 250 PLEX
  • Hurricane Fleet Issue – 250 PLEX
  • Sleipnir – 250 PLEX
  • Vargur – 390 PLEX
  • Naglfar – 695 PLEX
  • Hel – 695 PLEX

In addition to individual SKIN sales, we also have several bundles at discounts, depending on which SKINs you'd prefer!

  • Rust Bucket Bundle (Jaguar & Sleipnir) – 25% off
  • Scrap Heap Bundle (Wolf & Svipul) – 25% off
  • Salvage Yard Bundle (Sabre & Hurricane) – 25% off
  • One Careful Owner Bundle (Muninn & Hurricane Fleet Issue) – 25% off
  • The Antique Collection (Naglfar & Hel) – 30% off

Just be aware that you may encounter issues with your wingmen accidentally attempting to salvage your ship, or the Triglavian invasion mistaking you for someone they've already said "hello" to*, should you decide to energize your hulls with this SKIN line.

Check out the New Eden Store to grab these SKINs (and many more that look less like space garbage), so that you can add them to your collection!

* We're kidding, please be aware that the Triglavian collective is still going to shoot you in the face regardless of what SKIN your're wearing!