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New Genolution SKINs, apparel, and more

2023-11-17 - By EVE Online Team

Dazzling Capsuleers,

The new Genolution Day Collector’s pack is now available in the EVE Store, offering a range of striking ‘dazzle’ camouflage SKINs designed by esteemed EVE community member and talented artist T’Amber, combat apparel, and more, letting you celebrate the coming of Genolution Day with style. The following brand-new SKINs and fresh apparel are included in the new pack:

  • Apotheosis Genolution Dazzle SKIN

  • Metamorphosis Genolution Dazzle SKIN

  • Sunesis Genolution Dazzle SKIN

  • Gnosis Genolution Dazzle SKIN

  • Praxis Genolution Dazzle SKIN

  • Genolution 'Auroral' AU-79 implant

  • Men's Genolution Combat Suit

  • Women’s Genolution Combat Suit

  • Men's Genolution Tactical Goggles

  • Women's Genolution Tactical Goggles

Purchase the Genolution Day Collector’s pack and you also get a Genolution Auroral AU-79; a unique implant that permanently turns your capsule a shining golden color. Genolution Day celebrates and asserts the achievements of the Genolution company, a former Jovian Directorate organization now operated by the Society of Conscious Thought (SoCT), which stands as New Eden’s most highly regarded cloning outfit, having done much pioneering work in the field which forever changed life in New Eden. This one-of-a-kind pack is only available through 17 to 20 November. Get it at the EVE Store, and claim wearable collectibles that mark the annual occasion.

Pilots that haven't yet can also still claim seven full days of free Omega. All you need to do to get yours is visit the New Eden Store by 20 November.

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