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New Packs Available Now

2021-04-26 - By EVE ONLINE TEAM

Progress-minded Capsuleers,

Three brand new packs have been added to the EVE Store, providing pilots with a significant boost as they continue their journey deeper into EVE Online.

Each of the three packs contains Omega, PLEX, and SKINs, and have been individually tailored to either support new players, those looking to improve their PvE standing, or pilots keen to improve their PvP performance. Already an established EVE player? You can still use the great value of the packs as a way to top up on EVE essentials, whatever your experience level.

The first new Pack is the Starter Pack, and is ideal for new players looking to take their game to the next level. Costing just $6.99, it presents tentative Capsuleers with a highly affordable taste of the full EVE Online experience, providing seven days of Omega that can be used to double the speed at which you improve through training. The Starter Pack also includes 10 PLEX, which can be spent in the in-game store or exchanged for market purchases, and four frigate SKINS, as well as both men’s and women’s Expeditionary Suits. There is no better accompaniment for fledgling Capsuleers taking their first steps into the full EVE Online experience.

The Enforcer Pack, meanwhile, serves pilots looking to develop and assert their PvE skills. At just $24.99 it includes 30 days of Omega, 110 PLEX, and – as well as four cruiser SKINs – a Core Ship Operations Expert System that upgrades EVE’s 14 essential piloting skills to level 3 for seven days. The pack also contains Calm Abyssal Filament Crates - which can unlock dangerous and rewarding deadspace pockets - and a pair of Combat Suits. It’s a perfect choice for those looking to make a more assertive debut in New Eden.

Finally, the $54.99 Soldier of Fortune Pack has been assembled for those looking to grow to become a more proficient, intimidating PvP pilot. Offering remarkable value, the Soldier of Fortune Pack contains 60 days of Omega, 500 PLEX, and a generous 250,000 Skill Points, which can be applied to level up a range of player abilities, letting you customize the kind of pilot you are. Soldier of Fortune Pack owners will also gain four battlecruiser SKINs, the Core Ship Operations Expert System, and a selection of pilot apparel perfect for those looking to head into battle in style.

Additional packs are due to be added later in this year’s second Quadrant. Looking to pick up one of the new packs already? Then head over to the New Eden Store without delay!