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*New* Stacking Changes on Sisi

2005-11-14 - By CCP TomB

Test Server (SiSi, Singularity, BFC and so on) just opened today with some candy made by CCP, among them is a brand new stacking change to check out. The change from the current known stacking limitations are in the calculations made to modules listed with a loss of effectiveness when stacked too many times.

In small details: stacking two to three modules now become more efficient than you currently see on Tranquility, four being about the same as they are now, while the efficiency of five or more stacked modules gets ... bad....

Also the dreaded problem of stacking super and lamer modifiers giving zero and negative values has been fixed (like the crazy tracking computer modified by cormack himself and a basic tracking enhancer could do if you got unlucky when dragging the modules to your ship).

The system is brand new and just got out to public testing today, so try it out and leave behind feedback of any kind; bugs, imbalance and general bad smell of any kind.