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Omega, PLEX, and Gilded Predator SKINs

2023-08-24 - By EVE Online Team

Savvy capsuleers,

Right now, you can pick up select PLEX packs in the EVE Store for 10% off the regular price and receive free Gilded Predator SKINs as a bonus with packs of 500 PLEX or more.

The PLEX sale runs until 28 August, giving you an opportunity to grab one of the following:

  • 500 PLEX + Drake Gilded Predator SKIN

  • 1,000 PLEX + Gila Gilded Predator SKIN

  • 1,500 PLEX + Ishtar Gilded Predator SKIN

  • 3,000 PLEX + Drake, Gila, and Eagle SKINs

  • 6,000 PLEX + Drake, Gila, Eagle, and Ishtar SKINs

  • 12,000 PLEX + Drake, Gila, Eagle, Ishtar, and Raven SKINs

  • 20,000 PLEX + Drake, Gila, Eagle, Ishtar, Raven, and Megathron SKINs

Warp to the EVE Store

20% off Omega – EVE Store

With billions of ISK up for grabs and mysterious gates waiting to be discovered, it’s the perfect time to upgrade to Omega. The EVE Store is running a limited-time 20% discount on select Omega.

Upgrade to Omega state to receive 10x more EverMarks, double skill training speed, access advanced pilot skills, and take control of a wider range of EVE's best and biggest ships. Become empowered with new skills and unlock your true potential!

Become Omega Now

15% off Omega – New Eden Store

If you enjoyed your 10 Days Omega for 10 PLEX then you can now get a 15% discount on select Omega in the New Eden Store.

You can find the following offers in the NES:

Omega duration

Price - New Eden Store

Price per month

1 month

425 PLEX

425 PLEX/m

3 months

1020 PLEX

340 PLEX/m

6 months

1785 PLEX

298 PLEX/m

12 months

3060 PLEX

255 PLEX/m

Take advantage of these limited time Omega sales to upgrade, expand, and conquer.