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EVE Operation: Epiphany

2023-08-22 - By EVE Online Team

Sleuthing capsuleers,

Following the disruption of Guri Malakim activity surrounding ancient Jovian sites by capsuleers earlier this year and the still-ongoing recovery of fragmentary destroyer schematics from Angel and Guristas commanders, corrupted fragments containing structural data for what appears to be a Jove stargate have begun to circulate, marked with an enigmatic emblem.

Simultaneously, footage has emerged of both Cartel commando Rafik Zohar and Caldari Navy defector Esri Hakuzosu meeting with an unknown representative. The footage, showing the representative offering an invitation from the mysterious figure known only as the Deathless, has begun to spread across GalNet:

It would therefore appear, fearless capsuleers, that there are one or more stargates out there, waiting to be discovered. While it is unclear where such hidden stargates might lead, it is of the utmost importance that their locations be discovered as soon as possible. They may provide valuable insight into the Deathless, and shed new light on him and his motives. The locations of the gates are still unknown, but you can collect fragments from Guristas and Angel Commander wrecks that will aid you on your voyage of discovery. You will also need to recover Jovian Symbolic Navigators from Jove Observatories and use them in the correct star system, in the appropriate combination to get to the precise gate location.

Of course, this is no small undertaking, capsuleers, and for that reason there are handsome rewards on the line. As this is of utmost importance, the Society of Conscious Thought, led by Elder Mentor Matshi Raish, is offering the first pilot or group to unveil each gate an impressive reward of 50 billion ISK! Those who are successful in deciphering the fragmented records, and discovering the location of a Jovian stargate, should evemail Matshi Raish directly with the name of the relevant star system in the title. The evemail should include an outline of the solution path and a shared location folder containing a bookmark for the discovered stargate. The race is on, pilots, so don’t wait around – be the first to find those gates, have your name forever etched into EVE’s history, and reap the impressive monetary rewards.