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Parallax Has Been Released Successfully!

2015-11-03 - By CCP Falcon

We are happy to annouce that the Parallax release has been deployed successfully!

Including node regeneration changes to the Aegis Sovereignty system, as well as Jump Fatigue reduction to a maximum cap of five days, the "brain in a box" backend code changes, a whole host of new Raata Sunset SKINs, the new probe scanning interface, and various other improvements to the quality of life in New Eden, Parallax is packed full of fixes and changes that will lead toward our December release.

For a full breakdown of the changes coming to EVE on Tuesday, please take a look at the patch notes, which are available here!

For general feedback on the Parallax release, you can use this thread. For issues you can post here

For Macintosh issues and feedback, you can post in this thread.