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Patch Notes For October 2019 Release

2019-10-04 - By CCP Falcon

Patch Notes For October 2019 Release - 2019-11-05.1

Released On Tuesday, November 5th 2019

New Player Experience:

  • A portion of new capsuleers will start experiencing a preliminary version of a login campaign, complete with minor rewards.

Patch Notes For October 2019 Release - 2019-10-31.1

Released On Thursday, October 31st 2019


Corrected Vengeance maximum speed to 295 m/s

User interface:

  • Fixed an issue with redeeming of skill points, where skill point were still redeemed even though the operation was cancelled by the user.
  • Improved a confusing message when redeeming skill points in space.
  • Re-added several right click menu options for bookmarks, which are for celestials or Upwell structures.
  • Fixed an issue where pilots were able to attempt to sell damaged crystals (despite this not being possible).

Patch Notes For October 2019 Release - 2019-10-30.1

Released On Wednesday, October 30th 2019


EVE's Halloween Horrors are happening right now, with this patch introducing 'Trick or Treat'

  • Trick or Treat sees the drop chance increase to 100% for items/modules from any player-owned ship that you destroy in New Eden from 11:00 UTC on 30 October to 11:00 UTC on 6 November! This also includes Structures when under the right conditions drop loot.


"Howling Interceptors" Update includes the following changes to these ships:

Assault Frigates

  • The maximum velocity attribute has been decreased by 10% for all Assault Frigates


  • Ship Bonus to Small Energy Turret Damage has been increased to 10% per skill level (previously 5%)
  • CPU Output has been increased to 145 tf (previously 120 tf)


  • Ship Bonus to Small Hybrid Turret Damage bonus has been increased to 15% per skill level (previously 10%)
  • CPU Output has been increased to 160 tf (was 150 tf)


  • Ship Bonus to Small Projectile Turret Damage bonus has been increased to 10% per skill level (previously 5%)


  • Ship Bonus to Small Hybrid Turret Damage bonus has been increased to 10% per skill level (previously 5%)


  • CPU Output has been reduced to 180 tf (previously 185 tf)
  • Powergrid has been reduced to 39 MW (previously 43 MW)

Patch Notes For October 2019 Release - 2019-10-16.1

Released On Wednesday, October 16th 2019

Defect Fixes:

User Interface:

  • Fixed an issue where the mission and tutorial info panel buttons could become incorrect after changing system.
  • Removed the ability to collapse the tasks within an objective in the tutorial info panel.

New Player Experience:

  • A highlight has been added to space scene for the station the first time characters dock in the tutorial.

Patch Notes For October 2019 Release - 2019-10-15.1

Released On Tuesday, October 15th 2019

Features & Changes:


  • Every Cruiser, Battlecruiser and Battleship now warps faster than before. Ship Warp Speed attributes have been increased for the following Ship Groups:

    • Cruiser increased to 4 (was 3)
    • T2 Cruiser increased to 4.5 (was 3.3)
    • Battlecruiser increased to 3.5 (was 2.7)
    • T2 Battlecruiser increased to 4 (was 3)
    • Battleship increased to 3 (was 2)
    • T2 Battleship increased to 3.5 (was 2.2)
  • Travelling via autopilot will also be faster now with the warp in distance changed from 15km to 10km.

Defect Fixes:


  • Fixed defect where certain machines with macOS were unable to render space scenes when post-processing or anti aliasing was enabled.

User Interface:

  • Fixed defect for popup that briefly displays Triglavian Stellar Accelerator information, when entering a system where the structure is deployed.
  • Fixed defect where Planetary Interaction was not available via bookmark context menu.
  • Fixed defect where the context menu for solar systems in agent conversation windows would show several duplicated items.
  • Fixed defect where map browser's burger menus would not appear when clicked.
  • Fixed defect where FLEX structures had a "Set Home Station" option in their context menus despite no possibility of being one.

Patch Notes For October 2019 Release - 2019-10-14.1

Released On Monday, October 14th 2019

Defect Fixes:

New Player Experience:

  • Fixed an issue where characters created before the 8th of October could become stuck in the Upgrades step of the Tutorial

Patch Notes For October 2019 Release - 2019-10-10.1

Released On Thursday, October 10th 2019

Defect Fixes:


  • Fixed an issue where bookmarks for a Triglavian Stellar Accelerator structure would become unusable after the structure was destroyed.


  • Fixing displayed colour of some orange suns under low Shader Quality.
  • Fixed issue with environment transitions throwing post processing exceptions in LogLite.


  • Corrected a shader crash on computers using Intel Integrated Graphics.

User Interface:

  • Fixed an issue where minimizing the station services panel in an Upwell Structure would not create a corresponding Neocom icon.

Patch Notes For October 2019 Release - 2019-10-09.1

Released On Wednesday, October 9th 2019

Defect Fixes:


  • Corrected excessively close zoom on the Amarr Frigate Imperial Navy Slicer in the ship hangar.
  • Fixed an error log spam happening on some systems due to planet LOD.
  • Fixed the black icon of the Vedmak on Blueprint icons.
  • Fixed visibility and icon for one of the orange suns.


  • Addressed issue causing Emerging Conduits to spawn at unreasonable distances.

User Interface:

  • Addressed issue causing the certain Fleet Broadcasts to be non-interactable.

Patch Notes For October 2019 Release - 2019-10-08

Released On Tuesday, October 8th 2019

Features & Changes


  • Increased the size of Pirate Shipyard caches.


  • Introducing the T2 Mid-Grade Implant Set, Mimesis. Now available in a DED LP Store near you.


  • Added text to Cynosural right-click menu to reflect different Cynosural types.


  • Un-packaged (and undamaged) items can now be sold without any need to repackage them first. Doing so will automatically repackage the item. In the case of non-empty ships or containers you will receive a confirmation message.

Missions & NPCs:

  • The Triglavian Collective has been spotted deploying what appear to be system-altering structures across invaded locations.

New Player Experience:

  • Improvements made to the text Aura displays throughout the Tutorial.
  • Added shortcuts to the Tutorial Instructions.
  • Improved the flow for claiming rewards during the Tutorial.
  • Removed the civilian mining laser from the starter corvettes (not other versions of the corvettes) to help new players.
  • Improved the hiding behavior for the Aura Conversation window
  • Updated the rewards to the tutorial to be ISK, modules, or ammunition.

User Interface:

  • Made improvements to the Info Panel for missions and the tutorial:
    • The Set Destination button switches to "Destination Set" after use.
    • The Warp To and Dock buttons update as the character progress through their warping.
    • You can Abort Undock when undocking from a station or structure using the info panel button.
  • Increased the default width of the Overview and Selected Item windows.
  • In the Agency added an explanation of Factional Warfare complexes and a video to the Factional Warfare page to help better explain how Complexes work.
  • Aura dialogue window no longer contains an option to close.
  • Added a suppressible warning window when in a structure/station and attempting to buy an item located in another structure/station
  • Help Pointer links can now be pasted into chat
  • Added a filter box to the Shortcuts tab of the settings menu to allow you to more easily find a specific shortcut
  • Added a default “Launch Drones” shortcut (Shift + F) for anyone that had not yet set a shortcut
  • Added the "compare" option to ships in various right click menus where appropriate (e.g Ship tree, fitting browser)
  • Added a minimum size to the help pointer window

Defect Fixes:


  • Fixed an issue where a trade would not be correctly cancelling if one trader assumes control of an Upwell Structure
  • Fixed a problem, which sometimes caused an accidentally chained auto-warp, when different commands were queued
  • Fixed a rare case, where cloaking ships were not removed correctly, when warping away from them in the same moment as they cloaked. This caused ghost ships to be left behind
  • Fixed a couple of rare issues where jumping into a system while using the tactical camera could lead to a black or grey screen
  • Fixed a potential exploit, to make New Eden a safer place.
  • Addressed issue that prevented Abyssal Traces from Showing on D-Scan and Probe Scans.


  • Added zoom functionality for capsules in fitting window.
  • Fixed issue with text getting bolder every time window is resized during character creation.
  • Shifted the centerpoint of the Caldari Frigate Kestrel.
  • Adjusted the centerpoint of the Caldari Frigates Heron and Buzzard.
  • Corrected issues with character naming UI for Russian-language users.
  • Fixed issue with the connecting line between the Technology and Bloodline node in Character Creation.
  • Edited collision information on the dungeon asset Floating Stonehenge.
  • Fixed the inverted front logo on the Gallente Supercarrier Nyx with the InterBus SKIN applied.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the killmarks on the Gallente Frigate Keres would move during warp.
  • Fixed the inverted front logo on the Gallente Battleship Hyperion.
  • Character animation files are now better optimized for 64-bit.
  • Planets and suns now LOD out during warp.
  • The Leviathan crash site is now properly displayed on Caldari Prime's surface.
  • Removed a seam visible on the Vedmak when viewed in low graphics settings.


  • Fixed a problem, which caused remote repair modules to get stuck, when accidentally activating them on a NPC station.

Missions & NPCs:

  • Fixed an issue where several Triglavian enemy NPCs did not have display damage types in their show info windows.
  • The acceleration gate used to enter the mission area in the career agent mission "Angel of Mercy" now only accepts the specific types of ships provided by the mission.

Structures & Deployables:

  • Mobile Tractor Units would occasionally not eject their contents when being scooped from space, leading to the apparent loss of some items. (This was caused by the MTU being too greedy and scooping back up its own jet-can at the same time as a ship is picking up the MTU!) The auto-looter behavior will now shut down earlier during the scoop-to-ship process.

Text & Descriptions:

  • Various spelling, grammar and punctuation fixes

User Interface:

  • Updated the Mission and Tutorial info panel buttons so that they now have "preparing" and "warping" states.
  • When a user cannot start the Tutorial in their current system hovering over the button now brings up a tooltip that states: "Introduction operations cannot be activated while in your current solar system".
  • Fixed an issue where the player could not always set the destination to incursion systems via the Agency.
  • Fixed an issue where prerequisite skills would be incorrectly added to the training queue when an attempt to import a skill queue from the clipboard fails
  • Improved the resolution of the Autopilot icon in the Help Pointer window
  • Fixed an issue where contracts could not be ordered by the "Info by Issuer" column
  • Fixed an issue where a contract search could incorrectly filter out one contract
  • The Corp Fitting Help Pointer now correctly shows a "Element not on screen" error message when appropriate
  • The Rig Fitting warning will no long incorrectly show when fitting rigs to a T3 cruiser (as rigs can be unfitted from them)