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2010-05-12 - By Svarthol

G-5EN2, Providence - Pilots can once again take part in the Auctoramentum Gladitorium; a gladiator style battle where competitors will fight for a top prize of 2 billion ISK.

The event sponsored by Revan Nefaris, Sovereign of the Sani Sabik faith, is to be held in the G-5EN2 system, recently controlled by Amarrian loyalists, as a show of honor for the new Faith that now rules the system. These games are dedicated to the “warrior-spirit...and to anoint the worlds of G-5EN2 with blood and courage through Sani Sabik ritual...” This tournaments battle style will be head to head duels, continuing until one pilot receives ten straight wins.

Revan also sponsored Death or Glory - Auctoramentum Gladiatorium; a game where participants were expected to fight, kill or die for money, glory and pleasure. This year's games will be officially opened the winner of the last Gladitorium games, Nidia Master, who will also be this years first challenger!

For more information on the prerequisites and to challenge an opponent for a chance at Auctoramentum Gladitorium's prize please visit the official Gal Net portal at //