Player-Made In-Game Billboards Return! | EVE Online

Player-Made In-Game Billboards Return!

2023-05-08 - By EVE Online Team

Commercial capsuleers,

We’re proud to announce the official relaunch of player-submitted video advertisements in EVE Online, enabling capsuleers to promote their own corporations, alliances, EVE-related services, and public in-game events!

Who among us hasn't had their mouth water at the thought of enjoying some delicious Matigu Sushi, or dreamed about how much FOMO pictures from a vacation to the stunning beaches of The Jade Coast of Matar booked with travel agency Sinfina Mondo would generate among friends on GalNet? In the EVE universe, publicity is power – and with this relaunch, players can once again submit ads to be featured alongside iconic New Eden brands on in-game billboards.

These ubiquitous displays appear in stations across New Eden as well as in space near stargates and are viewed by tens of thousands of pilots every single day, providing the perfect opportunity for you to get your group or content noticed!

You can read everything you need to know about submitting your own billboard videos in this article on the EVE Help Desk. A critical eye will be applied to submissions to ensure that any advertisements that make it into the game are of high quality and consistent with the aesthetic of New Eden, and it must be said that this service may not be used to publicize scams or anything else that might harm players’ wealth or assets in-game; any attempts to do so will be looked upon most unfavorably by CCP.

The first batch of new player-created ads will be appearing in-game this June coinciding with the release of EVE Online: Viridian, so be sure to submit your videos soon for a shot at being among the first to glorify your player group during this exciting corporation and community-focused expansion!

The talent and creativity demonstrated by EVE Online players continues to delight us every day. We can’t wait to see what you will produce for in-game billboards and look forward to bringing your creations to life across New Eden soon.

See you (and your ads) in space!


As part of the annual celebrations that recognize the foundation of The Eden Common Defence Initiative military faction – better known as EDENCOM – the eye-catching Bluestar Defender ship SKINs are returning on 8 May at a discounted price.

Single SKINs from the line are available at 40% off in the New Eden Store, while a bundle containing three Bluestar Defender SKINs has a 50% reduction on its regular price. The offer ends 15 May, so be sure not to miss out.