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Rogue Swarm Alert! Get involved!

2017-06-13 - By CCP Falcon

As of the deployment of today's release, we're happy to announce that Rogue Swarm Alert is live!

Capsuleers across the cluster can join forces to help CONCORD defeat rogue drone infestations throughout New Eden.

The bigger the drones, the bigger the rewards, and with pilots of all ages, specializations and skill levels welcome and encouraged to assist, the chance to earn rewards such as PLEX, SKINs, drone blueprints and Accelerators is better than ever.

Starting from today through until June 27th, Rogue Swarm Nests have established themselves all over the cluster, as a new strain of rogue AI threatens the population of New Eden.

These nests can be found on your systemwide overview as a beacon that you can warp to. Be sure to be prepared before you head inside!

Once inside, you'll need to engage and defeat various rogue drone entities in order to spawn a larger leader, or "overmind" of the nest.

Killing this boss will net you rewards that vary depending on its size.

Good luck out there, and remember - there'll be other capsuleers in space who're looking to make their fortune too!

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Multiple Character Training Discount!

During this event, pilots can enjoy a 15% discount on Multiple Character Training (MCT) in the New Eden Store through until June 27th.

Be sure to check out the New Eden Store for more information!