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Save 10% on PLEX + Get a free SKIN!

2023-01-27 - By EVE Online Team

Bargain hunting Capsuleers,

PLEX stands as one of New Eden’s core spacefaring currencies, and right now, if you pick up select PLEX packs in the EVE Store, you get 10% off the regular price, and a free dynamic color-changing SKIN.

The PLEX sale runs until 31 January, giving you an opportunity to grab one of the following:

  • 1500 PLEX + Vindicator Red Stargazer SKIN
  • 3000 PLEX + Barghest Red Stargazer SKIN
  • 6000 PLEX + Nightmare Red Stargazer SKIN

Furthermore, the Red Stargazer SKINs will display specific visual effects whenever a PvP kill is made by your ship, and they are affected by subsequent kills and ship speed too - a first in EVE!

There’s also a separate sale in the New Eden Store letting you save 10% on 3M, 6M, and 12M Omega time packs that all include a free and new Red Stargazer Skin.

The following offers are available in the New Eden Store, this time until 9 February:

  • 3M Omega + Barghest Red Stargazer SKIN
  • 6M Omega + Vindicator Red Stargazer SKIN
  • 12M Omega + Nightmare Red Stargazer SKIN

Be sure not to miss out! Head to the EVE Store by 31 January to save 10% on PLEX, and make sure to stop by the NEW Eden Store ahead of 9 February to pick up Omega with the same discount.


Three packs launched as part of our Lunar New Year celebrations. The Red Stargazer Pack and the Lunar Festival Pack are each available in the EVE Store until 2 February.

The Red Stargazer Pack includes 30 days of Omega time, 500 PLEX, Advanced 'Boost' Cerebral Accelerator, 1 Skill Extractor, and stunning Red Stargazer SKINs for your Bhaalgorn, Machariel, Rattlesnake, or Marshal.

The Lunar Festival Pack comes with eight days Omega time, 50 PLEX, 50,000 Skill Points, Basic 'Boost' Cerebral Accelerator, Vexor Navy Issue Empyrean Dragons SKIN, Men's and Women's Empyrean Dragons Jacket and fireworks.

Over in the NES, the famed Dragon Phoenix SKINs return with a 30% discount. Pick up SKINs individually, or grab a Dragon Phoenix Bundle which also includes the Crimson Phoenix and Vermillion Dragon Facial Augmentations.