Save up 20% on PLEX | EVE Online

Save up 20% on PLEX

2024-04-04 - By EVE Online Team

Daring capsuleers,

Ever since the introduction of the Havoc expansion, New Eden has been in chaos, thanks to pilots aligning with or against pirates, fighting for corruption or suppression, and putting boots on the ground in EVE Vanguard playtests. It’s time to celebrate all the turmoil with a 20% discount on PLEX and free Empyrean Outlaws SKINs in the EVE Store!

From now until 23:59 UTC on 9 April, you can get these packs at 20% off in the store:

  • 1,000 PLEX + Gila Empyrean Outlaws SKIN

  • 1,500 PLEX + Cynabal & Gila Empyrean Outlaws SKINs

  • 3,000 PLEX + Gila, Cynabal, Alligator Empyrean Outlaws SKINs

  • 6,000 PLEX + Alligator, Gila, Cynabal, Khizriel Empyrean Outlaws SKINs

  • 12,000 PLEX + Alligator, Gila, Cynabal, Rattlesnake Empyrean Outlaws SKINs

  • 20,000 PLEX + Alligator, Khizriel, Gila, Cynabal, Rattlesnake, Machariel Empyrean Outlaws SKINs

This is the perfect chance to put your lawlessness on display with these amazing outlaw SKINs and continue to sow chaos in New Eden.

Save Big Now


You can also warp to the New Eden Store and save 15% on 1, 3, 6 or 12 Months of Omega. For a limited time you can get:

  • 1 month Omega for 425 PLEX

  • 3 months Omega for 340 PLEX per month

  • 6 months Omega for 298 PLEX per month

  • 12 months Omega for 255 PLEX per month

Make sure you visit the NES before 9 April so you don’t miss out!