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Seyllin I Distress Call Warns of Nuclear Attack

2009-03-10 - By Svarthol

SEYLLIN 0944 - In what looks like an alarming confirmation of earlier suspicions, military authorities just moments ago received a warning of a potential nuclear attack underway in Seyllin. The warning came as a delayed-release emergency signal from the only ground-level security installation on the planet. Specifically designed to withstand the effects of a nuclear blast, the emergency probe escaped into orbit just barely, transmitting its message to regional listening posts before disappearing off radar.

Military officials have refused to confirm the attack, stating that various questions remain. "We firstly ask that people remain calm during this time. We are seeking answers through multiple lines of investigation and will be able to more fully report on the situation in a very short amount of time," said the Federation Navy's Emergency Services Manager, Elette Decaix. She added that the distress call alone was not conclusive enough to confirm a nuclear attack. "The distress call was part of an autonomous early-warning system. The system appears to have activated as designed, but there are any number of other environmental events that may have triggered the probe launch."