Skill Point Reimbursment for Jump Clone Issue | EVE Online

Skill Point Reimbursment for Jump Clone Issue

2012-12-12 - By CCP Eterne

Hello everyone. Recently we discovered a bug where individuals who jump cloned and quickly changed session (through docking and undocking) would find their attributes no longer applying to skill training, causing a sharp increase in training times. A hotfix was deployed for this issue on December 11th, but numerous individuals were still effected by the bug.

As a result, we have decided to reimburse all affected players by granting them 75.600 SP into their unallocated skill queue after the regular downtime on December 13th. This amount was calculated by determining the maximum amount of skill points that could possibly have been lost out on by the bug. Affected players will be determined by a database query, so there is no need for individuals to take any steps to receive their reimbursement.