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Starter Pack Sale in NES

2024-02-07 - By EVE Online Team

Enterprising capsuleers,

Don’t miss the chance to get more from your PLEX! For a limited time, you can get Starter Packs at a 50% discount, whether you’re a new pilot or a veteran of New Eden. Now is the time to stock up on EVE essentials such as Omega, SKINs, apparel, Skill Points, and more – for less!

The following discounts are available: 

  • Bronze Starter Pack - 50% off

  • Silver Starter Pack - 40% off

  • Gold Starter Pack - 35% off

  • Platinum Starter Pack - 35% off

The sale runs from 7-13 February, exclusively in the New Eden Store. Each of the four Starter Packs is filled to the brim with powerful essentials to help accelerate your journey to greatness as you spread your influence across the cluster.

*Each pack can only be purchased once per account.