The Annual Santa Spirit Event Is Gearing Up! | EVE Online

The Annual Santa Spirit Event Is Gearing Up!

2018-11-28 - By CCP Falcon

Holiday artwork by @RixxJavix - Check out his Flickr here!

The holiday season is approaching, and the time is drawing nearer for the annual community organized "Santa Spirit" event.

Preparations are already underway and on December 14th, the event will occur in a system to be revealed near you!

Santa Spirit has been running since 2012 and this year donations are being accepted for the annual giveaway and contests, which will include a Ship Scramble, Tiered 1v1 battle, and a system wide treasure hunt.

If you'd like to donate, or be part of the event, be sure to head on over to the official forums for more information in this thread!

Keep an eye out in this thread for more details on the location too, as the event draws closer!