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The Capsuleer Chronicles – A New EVE Comic Series

2021-12-01 - By EVE Online Team

Story-hungry Capsuleers,

We’re proud to introduce The Capsuleer Chronicles, a new EVE Online comic series developed in partnership between our Narrative team and Dark Horse Comics!

Dive into the story of Adore, a daring Capsuleer with a checkered service record, as she becomes embroiled in the Triglavian Invasion of Raravoss – the flashpoint that led to the very first attainment of Final Liminality.

This days-long battle saw the involvement of thousands of independent Capsuleers on either side of the conflict, fighting alongside EDENCOM or heeding the call of the enigmatic Zorya Triglav to turn against the Empires and assist the Triglavians in their campaign to regain a foothold in the “Ancient Domains” they were long ago forced to abandon.

The first chapter in the four-part series, “Velocity”, can be previewed on the comic’s official landing page, with the full 20-page chapter available to read online through a selection of partners for free! The rest of the series is slated to be released throughout the upcoming year, and you can discuss this exciting story with your fellow players in this thread on the EVE Forums.

Experience the chaos of Raravoss once more – we’ll see you in space!