The Genolution CA-2 implant is yours to redeem | EVE Online

The Genolution CA-2 implant is yours to redeem

2011-12-12 - By CCP Hekatonkheires

Greetings again Capsuleers,

It's time for more delicious brain implants. After downtime on Dec 12th and running through Dec 21st , you will find  the Genolution CA-2 available via the redemption system. Be sure to log in and redeem yours, the set bonus is pretty darn nice overall.

As an added bonus, we will also be unveiling the 2011 Holiday Gift during the same period. This will work just a bit differently than prior holiday gifts. There will be a list of items in your Account Management queue. You can choose one, and only one, gift from the list. That gift will then be made available in the redemption system on Dec 22nd.

So, to be 100% clear, you can get your CA-2 only between Dec 12th and Dec 21st.

You can select your Holiday Gift during the same time.

Your implant appears in your hangar as soon as you redeem it, but your Holiday Gift won’t  appear until Dec 22nd.

Implant 2: Hardwiring - Genolution Core Augmentation CA-2

  • Slot 4
  • Boost intelligence by 3
  • Provides +1.5% CPU bonus
  • Provides +1.5% capacitor recharge
  • Implant set bonus: 50%

This is the second half of the Core Augmentation implant set, delivered by Genolution as a follow-up to the CA-1 just months after their first demonstration of new augmentation techniques shook up the often-stagnant industry.

The CA-2 picks up where its predecessor left off, providing a dual boost via frontal lobe enhancements and a neocortical modification that complements the CA-1's focus on a captain’s ship-fitting ingenuity. The end result is an increase to intelligence, coupled with improved CPU output and capacitor recharge rate. Additionally, when combined the CA-1 and the CA-2 supplement each other, providing a significant increase in their overall net effect.

 Item description:

Concurrent with the release of the CA-2, Genolution offered up the implant's schematics for public inspection. They claimed the move was designed not only to allay any lingering fears about the technology - now widespread amongst the capsuleer class - but also to provide a foundation for future advances in the field.


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