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The Scope Profile: Eman Autrech

2005-01-05 - By Svarthol

The Person: Despite his obvious talents, Eman Autrech was for years not considered to be a serious contender in the political arena of the Federation as he was thought to be ‘too nice’. In latter years he has managed to reign in this what can only be described as a serious vice in a politician. Consequently, he now finds himself poised to take the Federation by a storm.
Autrech is a brilliant orator, possessing that rare talent of being able to explain the most complex things in simple, elegant terms. This, combined with his friendly demeanor, is slowly increasing his popularity throughout the Federation, especially amongst the lower middle class and common governmental workers. The fact that he never speaks down to the lower classes or puts himself on a high horse undoubtedly contributes greatly also.
Since hitting the spotlight Autrech has been revealed as a bit of an eccentric. He collects vases made from eggshells and is an avid meaterian. In any other state, Autrech’s eccentric ways would count against him, but in the liberal Federation his peculiarities and small quirks merely act to strengthen his image in the minds of the public.

The Past: Although Autrech is working fervently to strengthen his public image, his main power base is the established bureaucracy of the Federation. Though he has reached prominence with his rapid career advancement within CONCORD, his roots firmly lie in the vast, entrenched bureaucratic organism that the Federation has become. Autrech is very much the little bureaucrat that could; hero in the eyes of every pencil pusher harboring a dream of a better life. Being a man of the system will undoubtedly act both against and for Autrech in the upcoming elections. While it gives him kinship with billions of disgruntled office workers around the Federation, he is very much cast in the mold of the rigid, as-the-rules-dictate type of a man. Consistency and dependability may find a cuddly home in his soul, but flexibility does not.
Autrech started out as a lowly intern in the Federation Administration. After working himself up to a division leader he was lured by the greener pastures of CONCORD. There he quickly established himself as a competent administrator, first as an official within the Inner Circle before moving to SCC, where he steadily climbed the corporate ladder to the top. Autrech’s work experience, especially as head of the SCC for more than five years, has given him a unique insight into inter-stellar wheeling and dealing. This has given him the steadfast believe that trade is the best and perhaps the only way to promote peace, through shared prosperity and trust.

The Policy: The foundation of the Federation is based on laws. While not immediately apparent, the smooth, easy going lifestyle of the Gallenteans would be impossible if it weren’t for strict codes governing such important concepts as ownership and human rights. It’s from this foundation that Eman Autrech launches his candidacy to become president of the Federation. Alone amongst the candidates, Autrech acknowledges the importance of keeping the responsibilities of each governmental branch clearly distinguished and separate. This has earned him praise from various quarters within the Federation, not the least the Supreme Court, who is beginning to see Autrech as its champion.
Yet despite this widespread support Autrech enjoys from within the Federation administration, it is in inter-stellar trade and cooperation where his hopes and dreams lie. Autrech feels that a mental shift is needed on the empires behalf regarding the boundaries of civilized space. CONCORD is a child of the empires, but it is becoming very much a bastard child as the empires are increasingly looking inwards towards themselves. Yet so much activity is taking place outside empire space, outside CONCORD jurisdiction. Autrech wants the empires to stop squabbling amongst themselves and start looking outwards, to the myriad minuscule elements that are slowly expanding the borders of human existence in space further and further away from the old established borders of the empires. Only by integrating all these different elements into one coherent whole can the true economical and technological potentials of the human race be reached, and the first step is for the empires to acknowledge the existence of said elements.