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Triumvirate Beaten Back in Providence

2008-01-22 - By Svarthol

Triumvirate’s (TRI) effort to conquer Providence has been beaten back by Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA) and its allies. The attack began just over a month ago and was aimed at the X-R3NM system where CVA had placed a cynojammer. The final battle was fought between CVA’s (and its allies) fleet of 190 ships and Triumvirate’s fleet of 160 ships.

CVA has been involved in what it calls Operation Deliverance for a long time in Providence. The goal of the operation is to develop the region as an extension of the Amarrian Empire.

Triumvirate’s first operation against CVA was to take over the Misaba System. This system is a choke point through which traffic in Domain travels to Providence. This action crippled CVA’s transportation and logistics networks, and began a period of guerilla warfare on the part of the Amarrian defenders to counter Triumvirate’s efforts.

Triumvirate countered by trying to force a fleet engagement by attacking X-R3NM where CVA has considerable assets including an outpost. This battle ended with heavy losses on both sides.

Later, Triumvirate attacked the system again and was able to damage the system’s cynojammer and three of CVA’s POSs. CVA, along with several allies, countered with a large fleet and drove Triumvirate out of the system.

Finally, Triumvirate mounted a third operation against X-R3NM. Hardin, of CVA, characterized the outcome of this battle by saying it, “clearly demonstrated to the heretics and heathens CVA’s (and its allies) undiminished resolve to build a safe, prosperous and civilized Providence.” After this battle Triumvirate returned to its home in the North.

“We fought them tooth and nail and we gave them hell,” said Garreck, CEO of Amarr Border Defence Consotrium (a CVA corporation). “But,” he added, “Having an alliance of that power and skill leave the area, well, we were happy enough to just let them go. We had a few skirmishes as they withdrew and left it at that.”

WarGod, representing Triumvirate, stated that CVA met them with three or four other alliances, including Goonswarm. “We were forced to pull back our 150 – 200 man fleet from a total of around 400 hostiles,” he said. “Lots of space distortions made even fighting out numbered, something we love doing, not even nearly possible,” he added. When asked he said Triumvirate has no plans for further operations against CVA, at least “not anytime soon.” WarGod closed his remarks by saying “we all learned a lot from it.”

It appears that Providence is safely in CVA’s hand for the moment, and that they can continue with Operation Deliverance. Triumvirate will have to look elsewhere for a door way into the south.