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United Freeman Alliance Surrenders in Geminate

2009-05-04 - By Svarthol

K25-XD, GEMINATE - United Freeman Alliance [UFA] has retracted all territorial claims to the Geminate region as of May 2nd following a nearly month long defensive campaign against Wildly Inappropriate [WI].

The news arrived in the form of a short press release from [UFA] diplomat Spaceman who simply stated that "...the 'United Freemen Alliance' officially surrenders all of its claim to territory in Geminate to Wildly Inappropriate."

The [WI] invasion of Geminate commenced on April 7th and resulted in the prompt expulsion of Idle Empire [IDLE] followed by an assault on Ethereal Dawn's [ED] territory in the 8K-CHA constellation. This move allowed for easy access to the NK-AOZ constellation - [UFA]'s primary holding in Geminate.

The first several days of the conflict saw the loss of several [UFA] carriers at the hands of [WI] who held a sizable numerical advantage over [UFA]. Additionally, Ad Astra [I A I] opened a second front on [UFA] and inflicted steady losses including the capture of several [UFA] systems in the ZYL-FT constellation. Internal attrition was also an issue for [UFA] as the alliance declined from over a thousand members to less then four hundred and fifty members by war's end.

Tomcat of [WI] stated that the final operation took place around 05:00 on Saturday with a one hundred strong battleship operation that targeted [UFA]'s cyno jammer in K25-XD. Following its destruction, [WI]'s capital fleet entered the field and proceeded to reinforce four towers at which time diplomatic channels were opened with [UFA].

A cease-fire commenced during the diplomatic maneuvering and was soon followed by the official surrender of [UFA]'s Geminate territory to [WI] around 10:30.

"WI accepts the terms agree'd and wishes [UFA] the best of luck further on," Tomcat announced in [WI]'s official response.

Proceedings have been cordial up to this point with kind words all around. 

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