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Unusual emissions discovered - Polaris alleged point of origin

2011-12-08 - By Svarthol

Deep space surveillance networks picked up unusual high band electromagnetic activity during the last few days from the general direction of the 9RW5-Z constellation. Scientists believe the Polaris system to be the center of these emissions after incorporating baseline interferometry across several regions. These emissions might indicate increased activity in the mysterious system during the upcoming weekend, or they might be just be bursts of random energy. Deep space intelligence experts are said to have picked up fragments of a secret code hidden within these emissions which could be deciphered as “cc.sup.lye.avan.”.

Several respectable research institutions discarded these conclusions as probably nothing more than artifacts from pink noise emissions or simply a clever scheme to fish for attention and research grants. Deep space explorers and adventures remain intrigued by the phenomena and monitoring continues on many fronts.