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User Name and Password Scams

2005-01-10 - By Svarthol

There are some unscrupulous people in the world and from time to time, they post web pages or e-mails offering free ISK, ships, secret (non-existant) cheat codes, or a whole range of other "services". Some are rather blatant attempts at getting your username and password, like one that promises you 100,000,000 ISK after you enter your user name, password (twice) and character name. Others spoof e-mail domains, official EVE Online pages, etc. They all share one thing.

They are all scams.

CCP will never ask you for your account password. Never. Nobody from CCP, Siminn or ISD will ever have need to log in to a play account to view a problem, check client settings, etc. User configured settings are the responsibility of the player and there are no client-side fixes that can be performed by a GM, Dev, or volunteer.

These other scams that offer automated transfer of ISK, modules, ships, etc are just that, scams. Send in your user name and password and you've been had. Your account goes bye-bye. If/when you get your account back, not only is the account stripped of all ISK, items, perhaps even characters, but your corporation's possessions are also at risk.

If a player wants to give items, ISK, etc. away, it can be posted on the forums or in the chat channels and done IN-GAME. There should never be a need for the exchange of passwords.

Finally, the exchange of user names and passwords is against the EULA. Swap account information and there is the chance of a game ban if this is discovered.

Your username and password are your most treasured possessions in the EVE Universe. Think about that before hitting the send button.