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Veil of tension in Providence starts to lift

2005-01-18 - By Svarthol

Providence: a region which has been the stage for one of the most elusive band of pirates seems to be now returning to normal, as reports of attacks on vessels have decreased.

Mercenary fighters have been swift to claim recognition for this turn of events. After hearing the warning issued by the Amarrian defence forces, alerting their citizens to the dangers in providence, they decided to take matters into their own hands. One mercenary was boasting that they "have driven the pilots from the region, in a concentrated campaign of search and destroy. They didn’t have a chance." Certainly it seems that whatever they have done, it has made the attackers think again.

Several reports a day still come in of pilots spotting unrecognized ships, outside of sensor range, but whether these are the elusive pirate vessels, it is hard to be sure, as the groups have not engaged the pilots on even a single occasion.

Reactions from the merchant travelers has been mixed. Many of them are now noticeably more at ease, setting up their ships once again for cargo capacity over speed. Others aren’t changing their setups, but are more willing to venture to more isolated systems. But a small minority still refuse to go anywhere near the region, fearing for their safety. This group contains nearly all of the pilots who fell victim to the attackers in the last few weeks.

Stations and inhabited planets in the deeper solar systems have also expressed relief, saying supplies were getting low and this new announcement could mean an end to their predicament. Some exceptionally deep systems had even introduced rationing of their food stocks when the merchant visits plunged dramatically.