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Vigil for the good health of the emperor great success

2003-09-12 - By Svarthol

The vigil held last night in the honor of Heideran VII, the Amarr Emperor, went very well. The vigil was held in the Amarr system and was attended by up to 300 pilots. Most of the attendants were Amarrians, but pilots from other races were also there to show the emperor their respect for his endeavors to maintain world peace. A few troublemakers reared their ugly heads, but no serious breach of peace occurred. An Amarrian delegate was there with a message from the emperor himself. The text of his message was: 'To my concerned children: word of your vigil reached my ears and I send you these few lines in gratitude for your devotion and concern. Alas, my health is not good enough to be with you but in spirit, though your good deed will be remembered now and forever. In times as treacherous as these, peace may seem a distant illusion, but we must never stop fighting to achieve and maintain it. Disruptive forces seek tirelessly to tear us apart and it is easy for the weak-minded to follow the flow. It is up to you, strong of mind and spirit, to hold high the torch of peace; to fall in a war of hate is a disgrace, to fall fighting for peace is a virtue that few can aspire to. But isn’t it better to die trying than to never try at all? Fare well, my children, my thoughts are with you and your mission.'