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Where do we go from here?

2006-06-05 - By CCP t20

Who, What, Where?

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Most of you know me as the "webdude" along with Alli ... well, about 2 months ago, I was given the opportunity to fill in a position, more challenging than the position I was holding back then and I took it with both hands (the prior was as rewarding and fun though :p).

The position I'm currently holding has nothing to do with the CCP websites at this point, I will however continue to support the data-exports.

To finally cut to the chase, I joined ranks with the programming department as a junior UI programmer, helping out grandmaster Friggi where needed.

CCP's constant expanding employee-base has allowed us to hire more people for the web department (or WebCell as we refer to it) and we jumped the 5 mark for this department, so my position in WebCell has been filled and then some.

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So where do we go from here then?

All depends of future projects, the past two months I've put myself down to adding long-missing/broken features/bugs and adding them as I see fit. Mastering our UI API was an important part of these two months and we're more ready than ever to fix UI-related glitches. With Kali coming up however, focus will be shifting towards a few projects such as:

  • Character Creation & Tutorials - NPE
  • Corporation Matchmaker and Advertisements - NPE

You can read the known details on the Planned Features page.

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Finally, I will also be involved in the execution and implementation of the whole Eve-Voice project that was largely covered by Oveur in his recent devblog. As a fervent ventrilo/Teamspeak user, I will settle for nothing less practical or harder to use than any of these applications.

I'm not a man of many words, so this is it for me, signing off with a fourth tune to wrap up the evening and a well-deserved monday-evening sleep.

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Sharing these songs means I can't share them with my corpmates without being found out, with an unhealthy dose of paranoia and schizophrenia as an endresult. Thus are the secret lives of CCP player accounts.