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Winter Nexus: 50% off 3M Omega + 3M MCT

2021-12-22 - By EVE Online Team

Jovial Capsuleers,

The Winter Nexus is upon us and it’s time for a popular deal to return. Visit the EVE Store today to get 50% off three months of Omega time together with three months of Multiple Character Training (MCT)! This limited time additional training slot is activated instantly and will allow you to immediately start training a second character on your account.

Pick up these festive savings before 3 January and get all the benefits of Omega including doubled training speed, advanced skills, access to bigger ships, and more.

In addition to being amazing value for Omega time, the possibilities for your alts are endless. Whether you train a hauling character to move your items swiftly around New Eden or skill up a new capital pilot to dominate in fleet fights, the choice is yours!

Fancy unwrapping something a little different? Daily deals on SKINs are running in the New Eden Store with up to 50% off through to 3 Jan. You can also top up your Omega time with 15% off 1M Omega in the NES until 24 Dec so don’t miss these festive treats!