Winter Nexus is Coming on 5 December | EVE Online

Winter Nexus is Coming on 5 December

2023-11-06 - By EVE Online Team

Wintry capsuleers,

We have bid Crimson Harvest a fond farewell, and now it’s time to start getting ready for snowstorms and festive challenges. Winter Nexus comes to New Eden on 5 December, and brings with it the Yoiul festival, with its traditional gifts, games and glory. Multiple snowy metaliminal storms will travel around the cluster, turning New Eden into a winter wonderland filled with Yoiul challenges that allow pilots to earn sensational rewards.

Fight, hack, mine, and conquer the storm

The storms will feature Sansha combat sites designed for players flying battlecruisers, battleships, or heavy assault cruisers, Sansha exploration hacking sites, and a special Yoiul resource site, where ore has to be harvested, then transported and turned in to a friendly NPC close by to complete the site. Completing these challenges will get pilots some nice rewards in the form of SKINs and lucrative loot drops. In addition, special buff effects will improve thermal resistances and allow players to overheat modules longer within the storm systems.

Take flight every day for untold riches

Every day that pilots take on the winter storms brings its own challenges and rewards. Take flight every day of Winter Nexus and receive wonderful treats such as festive SKINs, fireworks, filaments as well as 125,000 SP for Alphas and 525,000 SP for Omegas, who can claim both the Alpha and Omega rewards. These new SKINs are from the Aurora Universalis line and will include beautiful styles for a frigate, destroyer, cruiser, and carrier for each empire, in addition to a skin for the Nestor, the Kikimora and the Barghest. Make sure you take flight every day during Winter Nexus, so you don’t miss out on any of the rewards.

The Winter Nexus festival runs from 5 December to 4 January. Until then, there will be no shortage of intrigue and activity to keep you busy, though, as EVE’s new expansion, Havoc, arrives next week with a ton of great content. It’s fair to say that New Eden will be buzzing with action until Winter Nexus and beyond.

Crimson Harvest was terrifyingly terrific!

The scariest time of year is officially behind us, and this year’s Crimson Harvest was as bloody and energetic as ever. Pilots all over New Eden made their presence known by blowing things up, exploring, mining, and hacking, and generally causing mayhem and bloodshed. Crimson Harvest saw some fun moments, like when Chaos1298 took on the Order of Tetrimon and many others:

Winter Nexus is shaping up to be even more fun, so get ready to brave the storms!