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Everything you need to forge your path in EVE Online

Unlimited Choices - Where Will You Begin?

There are endless opportunities across nearly 8,000 solar systems you can discover in EVE. A good way to get started is to pick a path and a goal to aim for. Whether you want to get involved in the grand PvP battles of Nullsec space or if you simply want to explore the universe, there's a career for you. Regardless of where you begin, know that New Eden always remains open to you and retraining to try something new is always an option.

Explorer - Chart Your Own Course to the Stars

Explorers are the cartographers and archeologists of EVE. They're the free-spirited adventurers who delve deep to search for hidden relics, data vaults, and pirate strongholds. Their specialist probing tools can also help discover shortcuts in space to help fleets bridge the gap across the universe through uncharted wormhole space. Everyone wants to be friends with a good explorer.

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Industrialist - Do You Want to Build a Spaceship?

Behind every fleet and every skirmish in EVE Online is a logistical chain of industrialists working to manufacture the weapons of war. Without miners, inventors, traders, and haulers, New Eden's Fleet Commanders wouldn't have ships to fly or weapons to fire, let alone the ammunition! Becoming an industrialist is a career in its own right with options for everything from salvaging the battlefields and mining moons to producing and selling ships, weapons, and modules on the market.

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Enforcer (PvE) - Rise Through the Ranks

If a job needs doing then you need a specialist to do it. The life of an Enforcer in New Eden means taking jobs and making ISK where you can. Fortunately, there are plenty of NPC Agents seeking the assistance of Capsuleers and there's plenty of money to be made; you'd do well to get on their good side. Rising through the ranks of an NPC corporation by completing missions and hunting down pirates will see your pockets full in no time.

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Soldier of Fortune (PvP) - Killing is Just a Means of Communication

Some Capsuleers just want to watch the world burn - or their opponent's ship at least. New Eden's Soldiers of Fortune are Capsuleers who venture beyond the safety of High Security space in search of glory and riches, looted from the closest wreck, of course. Low and Null Security space can be much more dangerous but the risk often matches the reward, especially if you have someone to watch your back. There are thousands of player corporations out there to bring you into their fleets and help you get those guns firing.

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Discover your options

Find your calling in EVE Online with the help of both this video tutorial and the in-game tutorial. With info on character creation, your on-board AI "Aura", and the huge variety of paths to take, this video will give you a taste of what's to come. Ace solo pilot, pirate mercenary, corporate CEO or something else? The choice is yours.

Everyone Starts Somewhere

Everyone starts somewhere. EVE uses a system of Skill Points earned over time. Some may increase your proficiency with various weapon systems and others may help negotiate better deals on the local market. However, with over 400 different options it really can be a daunting task to know which skills to invest in.

Fortunately, there's plenty of guidance provided through Career Agents to give you that initial push. Once you've completed their initial storyline missions, you'd do well to move onto an effective training plan. Many players recommend starting with the 'Magic 14' plan, focusing on 14 key skills that will improve any ship you choose to fly. As an Alpha Clone you can even boost your training speed with a Daily Alpha Injector and catch up faster! Should you choose to take your skills further, you can easily upgrade to an Omega clone to train at twice the speed.

While your skills are training why not check out The Agency in-game for the latest events and activities to take part in? New seasonal events are frequently introduced, offering exciting challenges and hefty rewards. You can also track your progress using the Activity Tracker to plot your growth as a Capsuleer, mapping each action against all the possibilities of New Eden.

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The Magic 14

  • Spaceship Command - Improves the agility of all ships
  • CPU Management - Increases the Central Processing Unit (CPU) output of all ships
  • Power Grid Management - Increases the power grid output of all ships
  • Capacitor Management - Increases the capacitor capacity of all ships
  • Capacitor Systems Operation - Improves the recharge speed of your capacitor
  • Mechanics - Increases structure hit points
  • Hull Upgrades - Increases armor hit points
  • Shield Management - Increases shield capacity
  • Shield Operation - Improves the recharge rate of your shield
  • Long Range Targeting - Increases the maximum range at which you can lock a target
  • Signature Analysis - Improves locking speed against targets
  • Navigation - Increases the velocity of all ships
  • Evasive Maneuvering - An even larger bonus to ship agility
  • Warp Drive Operation - Reduces the capacitor need to begin warping

Get Ahead in New Eden

Upgrading to Omega Clone State will give you unlimited access to EVE's best ships and skills, as well as giving you an infinite skill queue, double training speed, and removing the skill cap.

You can pick up Omega Time to upgrade your gameplay, or you could make an explosive start right now with a Starter Pack. These are available as a one-time use per account and will offer great value on everything you need to get ahead including:

  • PLEX to trade for in-game ISK to buy new ships, modules, or skill Injectors, or spend your PLEX in the New Eden Store.

  • Skill Points, a valuable resource available in some packs which can be applied to any Skill instantly, unlocking new elements of gameplay and giving you that head start.

  • Omega Time, doubling your training speed and opening up access to new and exciting ships, including the Triglavian ship line.

  • Clothing and Ship SKINs so you can undock in style and show New Eden that you mean business.

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